"Zayn and Niall redefine the word ‘bromance.’ Those two are literally always together, it’s so hard to separate the both of them. They even share a room! They day Niall found out Zayn was his big he jumped over to Zayn and yelled ‘Hug me brotha!’ No matter what you do you’ll always see them together, unless one of them has gone for a wee or Niall’s eating. Don’t quote me on this or anything, but I’m pretty sure they’ve had a drunken snog or two… no one’s ever caught them, but I’d bet a great deal of money that they have." -Louis

"Louis is being a dick, that’s never happened" -Zayn

"I guess we don’t leave much to everyone’s imagination when we kiss each other one the cheek and skip around holding hands." -Niall

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